Zoo is referred to as a place which contains various types of wild animals kept in parks or gardens for the purpose of research and behavioural study or for amusement purpose by government or by some private stakeholders. Considering Zoos to be the places where animals are kept in captivity is not the correct notion. Below is a list of some of the ‘must see’ zoos all over the world where animals are conserved and bread along with giving a cool picnic and outing spot to the visitors.

Berlin Zoo Germany

Top of the list is Berlin Zoo which is located in Germany. It contains 17000 animals in it. It was initially developed as a personal animal collection from King William of Prussia. But, in the 2nd world war, it was devastated and after that it was renovated completely. Now, the population of animals is increased by breeding and the gifts given by different diplomats. It covers 35 hectares and the most specified comprehensive collection of the world’s animals. More than 3 million visitors visit this zoo annually. A number of German Universities use it as a teaching facility.

Bronx Zoo New York

Bronx Zoo, situated in the New York, constitutes on 265 acres and it contains four thousand animals representing 650 species. It is one of the largest and renowned Safari Parks of North America. This zoo made many conservations and one of them which made it famous is that of 13 months old cub of snow leopard which was found in the mud due to land sliding in the Nathan Valley in Pakistan. Along with conservations, Zoo is also participating in various kinds of Research activities affiliated with Fordham University.

London Zoo England

London Zoo situated in England is one of the oldest Zoos in the world. It was created in 1828 but opened in 1847 for the public. It contains 17,480 individuals of 756 species. So, it contains one of the largest collections of animals from United Kingdom. It is sometimes referred to as Regent’s Zoo. It is a zoo which firstly introduced insect house, reptile house and children zoo in all over the world.

Wellington Zoo New Zealand

Wellington zoo New Zealand was built in 1906 and until now, it is playing a vital role in the conservation of animals and national animal of New Zealand Kiwi and Polar Bears. Many movements are started for this purpose of conserving animals by the Zoo. They are also successful in sustaining several endangered species which are going to become extinct in the future. By using technology and resources, this zoo is working for the conservations of animals.

Beijing Zoo China

Beijing Zoo, situated in the China is one of the best and unique zoos in the world due to its architectural structures and statues of different animals and eye catching pools. But not only these things zoo, contains several kinds of animals which are unseen in other safari parks in the world, like Giant Pandas, Chinese Alligators, Great Salamanders and South China Tigers. It contains 950 species of animals and in this condition it is one the most unique zoo in the world as it holds the unique animals of the world.

Philadelphia Zoo, United States

Philadelphia Zoo, United States is also one of the exotic Safari Parks in the world as it presents those specific animals which are present nowhere in any great zoo like silver black gorillas, Gibbons, Lowland Gorillas and Lemurs. All these species made its best and prime exhibiting zoos of the world and makes it exotic Zoo of the United States. It’s rare and distinguished breed programs also endured it all over the world and ranked it among the best breeders zoo of the world.