Today I’m going to talk about something many people totally forget. It’s to stay hydrated during long sessions of meditation.

The benifits of long meditation sessions


Most people that are into deep spiritual awakening know how important meditation is. And the more the better. It’s not a bad idea to take some day once in a while and meditate the whole day. What’s easy to forget then is to stay hydrated. The human body can survive several days without food, but to drink is really important. Just one day without water can be vary dangerous.

How to stay hydrated

If you’re outside a house you could easily store som drink inside. It dosen’t matter if it’s a beer fridge or a wine fridge, just put your drink there so it gets cold. Obviously this applies mostly to the summer time. In the winter your drink will stay cool even outside. I’m writing this from a hot summer in Cali, so that’s why I’m biased.

Anyway that was just todays small tip. Keep on shining!