Nothing in the entire universe is created without a benefit. Everything has its own benefits whatever it may be. We see many cases of drunken driving and other abuses of beer every now and then. Facts say that if used in moderated amounts, beer can be very beneficial for our bodies. Below are some of the key benefits of beer.

1 . Anti-Carcinogenic

Beer hops contain a flavonoid compound called Xanthohumol. It plays a great role in prevention of cancer due to its chemotherapeutic properties. It is good against all forms of cancer in general and prostate cancer in particular. Beer is also a source of polyphenols which have been proven effective against cancer just like red wine.

2 . Reduces the Risk of Myocardial Diseases

Beer has large quantities of Vitamin B6 which is known to protect the body against heart tissue damage. It has a thinning effect on the blood hence it prevents clots which are the key cause of myocardial infarction and stokes. If used moderately, beer also has a good effect on the prevention of plaque and cholesterol build up in the blood vessels.

3 . Good For Skeleton

Moderate consumption of beer has been proven to increase the accumulation of calcium in bones. It in turn, causes the bones to be stronger and prevents fractures, bends and osteoporosis.

4 . Diabetes

Studies show that if consumed in limits, beer can help in lowering the intensity of Diabetes Type 2.

5 . Hypertension

People who prefer beer over wines and other alcoholic drinks are reported to have lower blood pressure.

6 . Anti-Aging Properties

Beer increases the effects of vitamin E in the body. It is one of the important antioxidants which slow down the aging process and help maintain the natural glow of skin over time.

7 . Gallstones

Beer, when consumed regularly in moderate amounts, causes decrease in cholesterol levels and dilutes the bile. It results in decreased tendency of Gallstone formation.

8 . Facilitates Sleep

Like any other alcoholic drink, it relaxes the body and facilitates proper sound sleep which is good for overall health of body.

9 . Aids Brain Function

Vitamin B12 in the beer is also good for increasing concentration and memory of brain. Small amounts of beer do actually aid brain function.

Though addiction of beer is a bad habit and can destroy your social, economic and biological life but when used in moderated amounts, beer can prove to be beneficial for the body health in general.